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With a monthly print edition produced alongside a constantly updated website, TravelGBI offers a range of opportunities to get your message to the individuals and companies who can directly influence consumers at the point-of-sale or through product selection.

To discuss advertising opportunities, please contact Sam Chapman | | 020 7881 4869

  • Every edition includes features focusing on specific sectors, product types or regions of the UK and Ireland, plus general news, interviews and special reports – ensuring there is always scope to contribute to editorial content.
  • In addition, advertising placements throughout these sections offer an unrivalled opportunity to ensure your brand presence is maximised in the most relevant areas.
  • Cover wrap and false front cover options offer unrivalled positioning for brand and tactical messaging, while advertisement features and advertorial photo spreads produced by the travelGBI team create a consistency with editorial content which allows messages to be delivered in a different medium.
  • Online, site media offers fantastic opportunities for a continuous presence, while advertising on weekly email newsletters and solus communications creates high-impact and tactical opportunities.
  • With plans to further expand TravelGBI’s portfolio of face-to-face business sessions and events, sponsorship options exist to ensure brands can take ‘ownership’ of a relevant sector or topic.