UK tourism jobs on the rise

Tourism jobs in the UK have grown more than twice as much as other sectors of the economy in the five years to 2014.

From 2009 to 2014, employment in tourism industries has grown by almost 12%, from 2.66 million to 2.97million, compared to non-tourism sectors which in comparison grew by 5%.

Tourism Minister David Evennett said: “Our tourism industry makes a huge contribution to the UK economy and this impressive jobs growth is great news for the sector and the country on the whole.

“Attracting and keeping the best talent is key to the Prime Minister’s vision for tourism, which is why one of our priorities is to increase the number of apprenticeships in the industry and to champion careers in tourism.”

VisitBritain Director Patricia Yates said: “This growth in jobs is really fantastic news for the UK economy and echoes the record-breaking figures we are seeing in the growth of international visitors to Britain, especially given the fiercely competitive global environment we’re operating in.”

The highest rate of growth was in accommodation, and food and beverage serving activities, which both increased by 15% – together the equivalent of more than 220,000 jobs.

The figures also show that 90% of tourism workers are permanent, almost 50% of workers in culture, sports, recreation or conference activities work either a Saturday, Sunday or both and that 26% of tourism workers are aged 16 to 24, compared with 11% in non-tourism industries.